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Chef’s Table

For those who want to expand their culinary horizons and venture boldly into a new dining experience, we encourage you and your guests to indulge your senses with our exclusive Chef’s Table dining.

Your table will be personally attended by our Master Executive Chef, Dave Nicoletta. Taking only the freshest, natural ingredients harvested at their peak of flavor, and naturally grown, organic meats and fowl, or wild caught fish, our chefs will custom design a 4 course menu especially for your table. As an option, you can also choose to have our Catering Director, Nicholas Langille pair each course from our outstanding collection of wines from around the world. Either way, you and your guests will enjoy a sumptuous time, learn and explore new culinary avenues, and savor wines from some of the great vineyards of the world. There is only one Chef’s Table reservation available in any given night and prices may vary according to the availability of certain meats or vegetables so it is best to discuss and arrange reservations and dining specifics with our event planners.